Why You Should Consider Sale Leaseback Financing

Sale leaseback financing has been used by businesses around the world for a number of years. This type of financial solution provides businesses with a host of advantages, while enabling them to have the equipment they need to conduct business and operate on a daily basis.There are nine top benefits for choosing this financial solution or businesses of all sizes from manufacturing companies to construction companies and for the smaller company to the large corporation.Sale leaseback financing enables you to improve your working capital. If you have been awarded a project and given a deadline to complete, you will have a lot of expenses to take into consideration. Wages, operational costs and materials are just some of the expenses you can expect, which means that any expensive equipment you have lying around is costing you money. Selling the equipment and then renting it back to use on the project is a great way to instantly improve your cash flow.Another reason you should consider this solution is that you can manage your budget accordingly. You will sell your equipment to a company and then rent it back at an agreed fixed price per month. This enables you to easily put your operational budget in place and make the payments in a timely manner without a heavy impact on your bank account.The great news for business owners is that when you purchase a piece of machinery you automatically pay tax, but when you rent equipment, the payments are one hundred percent tax deductible. This can help you lower your annual tax payments considerably.When you consider sale leaseback financing, you are in complete control of your assets. They become easy to manage in terms of maintenance and repairs. You don’t have the burden of owning machinery which is sitting in storage collecting dust, but rather using machinery you need without the big overheads.There is nothing to say how you must use the money you receive for your equipment. Once a sale leaseback financing agreement is reached, you are given a lump sum for the machinery, a lump sum of cash to use as and when needed. You can leave it in the bank and let it build or you can use it to pay project expenses.These types of agreements ensure that you receive the best price for your equipment. You are paying the company every month for your machinery that you have sold to them, this enables them to offer you a decent price, much more than you would expect from a piece of used equipment.Sale leaseback financing also offers the added advantage of the payments not having any negative impact on your credit line. If the project takes longer than anticipated or is more expensive than originally planned and you need to get cash from the bank, your lease will have no bearing, enabling you to get the financing you need.You may think that your business doesn’t quality for sale leaseback financing, but you’ll be surprised to know that a wide range of equipment qualifies. It’s advisable to find a company that provides this service and give them a call to discuss your requirements. Some companies only specialize in certain industries, where others work across the board, this enables you to tell them what you have and why you need cash and they can see if they are able to offer you a sale leaseback financing deal.The final reason you may want to consider sale leaseback financing is that decisions are usually made within a very short period of time and you can have the cash in your bank within days.

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